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Monday, August 16, 2010

Homeward Bound

Finding the old saying “Home is where the heart is” was a practice in hard but real truths this summer. This journey has been both enlightening and extremely difficult as well. After my husband was laid off our situation changed drastically and we had to modify things very swiftly. We’ve always been a one income family with my job as a stay at home mom not paying what all of us mother’s would agree as a fair salary! My only income has been working for my sister caring for her kids or seasonal temp help around hubby’s schedule so the boys would never have to be in daycare. So with his earnings slowly trickling away after he was let go, we desperately looked for work but to no avail. We ended up having to put all of our belongings [that we didn’t sell] into storage and move into an extended stay hotel [thank goodness for unemployment!!]. It was a shock – a big one; we are actually ‘homeless’.
So thus began our expedition in finding our way back home. The most vital issue for Derek and I was making sure everything seemed ‘normal’ for the kids at every step. We never flipped out in front of them, trying not to make the move appear scary or as if it wasn’t just part of the plan all along. Each day has been a struggle but also a blessing as well. Our weeks have turned into months and we’ve discovered so many new things on our path.

With new challenges, each day Derek and I have created a fresh twist on life and we’ve all had to find the right course to make this work for us. With not much living space- the out of doors have become essential. Who knew there were so many recreation spots just in a 10 mile radius?! We’ve uncovered so many wonderful new parks it’s amazing! The boys have enjoyed this one spot the most that has a small lake, two huge playgrounds and basket ball courts to shoot hoops with Dada.

And I can’t believe how much I love the library all over again. I got caught up in the mundane, started bowing to the almighty television and really losing my love for books over the past few years. A brand new library opened up a few blocks from us and we were there only two days after its opening. The new books were pristine, dreamlike and endless- it was pure joy for all of us as we were almost running through the place gathering anything we could find. I’ve found such a center in reading again; it’s truly tranquil for me. And now programs that we have watched have been more family orientated and a time for us to laugh together and get close as we relax before bedtime. I think we’ve watched Mr. Mom and Willy Wonka a hundred times!

Cooking has had its ups and downs with what space we do have. I never thought I was ‘spoiled’ in having a dishwasher, disposal, some counter space or an oven but wow- I do now! I can’t believe how I took those things for granted before. But with that being said, with what we have here- we’ve created some great meals with a plug in cook top and microwave! It’s always interesting at dinner time here.

Our stay here has been fascinating as well, to say the least. Many men have commuted to Denver for work so they’re staying here for months until their jobs finish. These guys are in and out of the hotel at all hours and make a ton of racket- BUT for us that is a good thing; with two small kids, we don’t want to be the only noise makers! We’ve become friends with all the employees and chat with them often. I’ve never had the housekeeping clean for us except for new sheets and towels, the rest I still see that as ‘my job’. The small gym here has been magnificent and we use it almost daily, having another sacred point for reconnection to the hubby. It may sounds a bit silly or trite but I’m thankful for the xbox 360 [for the boys' games] on those days I needed more than a moment of peace and for our laptop and the free Internet; always keeping us connected to friends, family and to that job that Derek finally found.

We did find our new home last week and we’re moving this week so our oldest can start school next Monday [ugh, - sigh- public school… but that’s a whole different blog!]. We wanted to move to the other side of town, about 45 minutes away, to be nearer to my parents. During all of this upheaval and realization in our life, we learned that my mother’s health is faltering and her body isn’t accepting chemo anymore. So for us, the move closer to them was imperative.

This has been one of the hardest processes in my life. Making this transition seem ordinary for our boys was my main concern and although we’ve all struggled, I believe we’re better for it. My marriage is almost unrecognizable from what it was before and I’m beyond blissful for that. Derek being out of work was a blessing as well for he and the boys’ relationship is so much stronger, it’s just precious… as are most moments now spent together as a family.
I don’t think that had we lost so much, we might not have realized the abundance of what we really do have.

the boys in front of our new home--

*special thanks to my sister Melanie- without you I would burst... you are a gift to my head and my heart, I love you so very, very much. thank you for all that you've done.

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